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Cambridge Celta, es el curso inicial para profesores y el examen más reconocido por empresas en el mundo entero. 85% de empleadores a nivel mundial piden este certificado y no otro, de forma excluyente en la contratación de sus empleados.

El contenido de nuestro curso en linea y en vivo y la calificación final es exactamente la misma que se puede obtener de forma presencial en nuestras escuelas. El certificado se entrega al finalizar el curso. CELTA, es tu oportunidad profesional para conectarte con el mundo.


Nos enfocamos en todas las areas de la enseñanza: metodologías, técnicas, planes de clase, análisis del lenguaje y manejo del aula. Los módulos se organizan por semanas y los candidatos deben completar una serie de actividades por cada módulo.

tareas en linea

Los candidatos deben completar 4 tareas durante el curso de CELTA y estas serán presentarán semanalmente por los tutores.

sesiones extra

Ofrecemos dos sesiones especiales y extras, en las que podrás obtener asesoramiento de nuestros profesores respecto a inquietudes o consultas adicionales que puedan surgir una vez finalizado el curso

practica profesional en vivo

Esta es la parte en vivo del curso. Los candidatos deben completar 6 horas de clases de practica en las que participan conjuntamente y en tiempo real, estudiantes internacionales, los tutores y los compañeros del curso.

beneficio extra

Aquellos candidatos que aprovechen esta oferta no solo aprenderán como dar clases y obtendrán este valioso certificado, sino que también aprenderán a dar clases en linea de modo profesional. Un aspecto que marca la diferencia en el mercado actual.


Esta es una oportunidad realmente única en la que podrás tomar un curso presencial de dos semanas en el exterior al finalizar CELTA. Shadow a teacher, te permitira participar de clases presenciales y tomar nota del trabajo de otros profesores internacionales, aprendiendo de forma directa. Incluido en el precio.

este es tu plan ideal

Esta es la oportunidad de obtener tu certificado CELTA y ser reconocido como profesor internacionalmente.

Oferta limitada




por curso

  • 5 semanas en linea y en vivo
  • Tutores CELTA nativos
  • Compañeros internacionales
  • Actividades sociales
  • Tareas en linea
  • Practica profesional
  • 2 sesiones de consultas extra
  • Curso Shadow a teacher - Presencial en Galway, Irlanda
  • Aprende a dar clases en linea
  • Pago en pesos

Preguntas frecuentes

Yes! On the full-time face to face and online courses, you should be prepared to devote five days a week (including evenings) to the course, and to spend a considerable part of each weekend on course-related work. On the part-time/online course, you should be prepared to spend time during the week on course-related work and also a considerable part of weekends.

Yes! You need to attend 100% of the course. We understand if a candidate has to go to the doctor’s or attend an interview but we strongly advise you not to miss any sessions. It is also strongly advised that you have no other commitments outside the course if you’re considering the full-time course.

The course is divided into methodology sessions and teaching practice with feedback.

  • On the full-time course, the timetable is:

09:00-13:00: seminars and guided lesson planning 14:00-17:00: teaching practice and feedback

  • On the part-time/online course, the timetable is as follows:

Input: online on the CELTA platform

Teaching practice: all day Saturday

A variety of sessions, such as methodology, language awareness, phonology, language and skills, lesson planning and professional development.

Groups of up to 15 adult students of English.

Yes, your tutor will observe you and assess your teaching. Some of your colleagues will also observe you and complete an observation task which you will refer to in feedback.

Following teaching practice, you have the opportunity to reflect upon and discuss your teaching with your colleagues and your tutor. This part of the course is extremely important because it should help you to develop an increasing awareness of your strengths and areas for development as a teacher, and you will be given action points to address in future teaching practice lessons.

The IHC is an introduction to the theory and practice of English Language Teaching and introduces participants to a variety of current procedures and techniques in the field. Methods will depend on what is appropriate and most useful to the level, age, size and composition of your class.

You should expect to spend time:


  • On the part-time course, you may also have observations outside the timetabled This is arranged with your tutor to suit your schedule.
  • Liaising with colleagues in your teaching practice group in order to produce a cohesive timetable of lessons for your
  • Planning your own lessons: although you may be teaching for relatively short periods, it is quite normal to spend up to six hours preparing your
  • Working on written assignments: these are four assignments which are all course-related and of a very practical nature. They are internally assessed and externally moderated by International House Assessment

Assessment on the course is continuous and integrated, taking into account teaching skills and written assignments, with each assessed component contributing to the overall grade. Participants are given feedback by the tutors on their teaching and have at least two tutorials during the course at which they discuss their progress. All tutors working on the course discuss each participant’s final grade and their decisions are unanimous.

Pass A, Pass B, Pass, Fail. A very small number of candidates fail and it is likely that they would be warned of this possibility at their tutorials; the vast majority achieve a Pass grade.

You should have a very high C1or C2 level of English. Non-native English speakers may be asked to complete some English language tasks to assess their level of English at the interview stage.

The CELTA is very highly regarded worldwide and newly qualified teachers with a CELTA will find it easier to find work than teachers with other qualifications. There are many opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia and South America. In Ireland, The UK, Malta, Canada and The US, there are many possibilities in the summer months (July and August), and less full-time work is available in the winter. Working in different countries will have different requirements in terms of visas etc. Towards the end of the course, you will be given some general advice on looking for work. There are 160+ IH schools around the world and the recruitment office at IH World Organisation can give free career advice and information to IHC candidates. We often receive requests for teachers from schools. At IH Galway, we often recruit directly from our teacher training courses if the candidates are eligible to work in the EU.

You don’t need to have a degree to complete a CELTA course. In some countries, a degree is required in order to get a work permit; in others, other third level qualifications may be acceptable for work permit purposes. You are advised to consult individual embassies and consulates for accurate information and advice.  In Ireland, QQI/ACELS-recognised schools can only employ teachers who hold pass degrees or the level 7 equivalent on the QQI Framework of qualifications.

You will receive your provisional grade within two weeks following the completion of your course.

You will complete a pre-course task and you should also do some background reading. Beyond that, you will be expected to research from recommended sources for grammar lessons.

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